Why choose ISGroup?

ISGroup represents a non-conventional business model in the Italian panorama presenting itself as an ''association'' of freelance professionals and consultants who already operate successfully in the IT Security field, binded by strong trust and mutual esteem.

Our target customers

Companies dealing with IT Security that are looking for an Outsourcing Partner.

Third party companies that don't have IT Security as a core business but want to offer IT Security services to their own clients.

Advantages and benefits

Prices! Our agile structure let us minimize expenses.

Transfer costs are minimized: in most cases the job can be performed remotely.

ISGroup already cooperates with market leaders that provide IT Security services and products assuring the same quality level on the performed commitment but at a competitive price.

The job that we carry out has well defined standards of quality and it is shared among ISGroup members, according to modern schemes of project management. So, there are multiple referents on which the client can relay on.

ISGroup has a network of contacts formed by experts and researchers who excel in specific areas, in order to assure excellence in services and a complete satisfaction for the client.

ISGroup is independent from platforms and products, so it is trasversal to the heterogeneous needs of IT Security.

ISGroup has been operating for years as a research pool in the ITSEC area and for this reason its members appear as consultants and speakers for several training courses and conferences for experts of the business.

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