Background and Training (EDU)

ISGroup offers training courses and training on the job on the major existing security topics.

The educational path is aimed to train technicians so they will be able to examine the security condition of a system in depth and to protect it from external threats.

Training your own staff of systems analysts and developers is fundamental in order to reduce costs related to security issues.


The offered courses include both theoretical and practical parts. During the theoretical sessions all the involved technological and functional aspects will be illustrated. In the practical sessions the attendees will be provided with tests (challenges and capture the flag competitions) to be executed.

Such challenges consist of real world applications and systems to be examined or hardened (depending on the course kind). Every test will have a time limit, according its difficulty level. Finally a participation certificate will be given to the students, attesting their acquired abilities.

The topics of the courses provided by ISGroup deal with:

  • Secure Coding, Web Application Code Review
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Network Hardening
  • Hardening Linux, Windows, Solaris


Offensive security courses concentrate on methods useful for subverting or violating systems and applications, in order to take the full control of the machine (the so called "take over"). In particular, what is already explained in the theoretical part will be discussed in a practical way, showing meaningful examples of vulnerabilities in real applications.

The Offensive course offered by ISGroup guarantees the training for highly qualified technicians who are actually able to examine the system security and can possibly take advantage from the existing vulnerabilities.


Defensive security courses concentrate on methods useful for making systems and applications safe. In the theoretical part, concepts like systems hardening or safe code writing will be discussed, according to the kind of course.

In the practical part some systems or vulnerable applications will be presented and the participant will have to be able to make them safe or, as for the applications, to understand where the programming error has been committed. Examples will be taken directly from real vulnerabilities affecting well-known applications.

Working with us is pretty simple, just call the number (+39) 045 4853232 or send an e-mail so that we can get to know each other and discuss about your IT Security needs.

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