ISGroup is a group of active and ethical researchers: we believe that it is necessary to act in harmony and to give the results of our research back to the community so that the evolutionary process, from which we all take benefit, will be never interrupted.

For this reason we have been committed for years in the publication of White Papers, articles and materials, without a defined periodicity, through our non-commercial personification, - a beautiful place.

We conducted presentations at the most important and innovative Italian and international conventions about themes of strong technical and innovative content. Part of the material can be consulted freely directly from the below sections.



  • CameLug, GNU/Linux come punto di forza - Università degli studi di Camerino: Lollobox, hardened notebook system
  • Chaos Computer Club (CCC) 2008 - Tricks: Makes you smile v4.
  • Real life security (Università di Pisa) 2008 - IT Security agency essentials
  • Web application security (Università di Pisa) 2008 - Bug Hunting e Code Review
  • End Summer Camp (ESC) 2008 - Tricks: Makes you smile v3.
  • LinuxDay Verona 2008 - Linux physical (in)security
  • Metro Olografix Summer Camp (MOCA) 2008 - Tricks: Makes you smile v2.
  • Metro Olografix Summer Camp (MOCA) 2008 - Lollobox: free and happy as a butterfly
  • HAT - Relax underground is dead (HAT) 2008 - Tricks: Makes you smile v1.
  • Linuxpersec 2 2007 - Get hacked: pericoli della navigazione
  • End Summer Camp (ESC) 2006 - Secure MySQL Clusters
  • End Summer Camp (ESC) 2006 - Exif phun
  • LinuxDay Verona 2006 - Hardening di un ambiente LAMP