Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a commercial promotion by ISGroup that allows who is new to our professional services to audit his own Internet exposed website at an extremely interesting price of 420 Eur + VAT-

The offer is not a replacement of a full featured analysis like the one executed during a classic Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT) but gives an effective insight of the web site or application security level.

The activity is executed by a Senior technician for the duration of a whole working day and highlights the most evident security holes. The techniques that we use are non-invasive in order to minimize issues and malfunctions of customer's infrastructure.

The Starter Kit promotion allows us to know each other and see the care and commitment with which we execute our work. Once we work for you, you will definitely ask for us again!


Once the coupon has been filled with the needed information you will get in touch with you by phone or mail. An operator will illustrate all the modalities of this WAPT and you will set the rules of engagement to be followed when conducing the testing. Common requirements are the exclusion of areas or pages and the definition of specific test time-frames.

The collected information will be part of a legal contract that has to be signed for approval and has to be returned to us by FAX or mail. At this point a Senior auditor will be scheduled for a whole day of testing on the target that you specified. Then he will document his activity in a report.

Such Report will be delivered and discussed with you, and contains all the found security issues in a brief summarized and clean way. In case the issues are of big impact for your business we will gladly show you to the steps to follow in order to resolve them and improve the security posture of your company.

How to get the Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a limited availability commercial promotion. The coupon is attached to our paper marketing elements, as the Brochure, product sheets and presentation letters. You can explicitly request it by mailing: