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ISGroup is an independent structure specialized in IT Security that is able to offer high class cybersecurity services and products.

ISGroup was born from a small group of highly motivated researchers to produce the best results thanks to their skill, experience and creativity.

Today ISGroup represents a solution for ICT operators and security agencies that need unbiased and personalized security services.

We love what we do and we're not afraid of challenges.

Our knowledge ranges from physical to infrastructural, operative systems, networks, applications, web and client security. We work with national and international IT Security agencies and because of that we operate to the highest standards of quality. Furthermore we are an active part of the independent researchers community.

Our essential, efficient and competitive structure is composed by consultants.

For these reasons we put ourselves forward as the ideal Outsourcing Partner for ICT e IT Security companies.

We can be your resource for specialized tasks or the additional workforce that you may need.

Additional information on our services and products:

Contact us to obtain a Starter Kit and additional information about our method and procedures Mail Mail: or consult our downloadable leaflet.

A brief collection of publications, materials and presentations that our staff members produced and presented during their career.

We demonstrate that IT Security is not just a profession for us but a great passion.

Research is a fascinating activity that puts the computer security expert facing always changing scenarios and challenges. For years, even through our non-commercial embodiment, - a beautiful place, we dedicate ourselves to the publication of advisories, exploit development and bug hunting.

Thanks to the gained experience during technical activities performed so far, the results of our research and our knowledge of IT Security problematics and solutions, we are able to provide different training paths for those who are in position to execute offensive (auditor, penetration tester) or difensive(network administrators, developers) activities.

ISGroup - P.IVA 04164220230 - Via San Giusto 7, Verona 37121 - Tel (+39) 045 4853232 - Fax (+39) 045 5111719 - Contacts - Mail